Liquid Biopsy - Lung Cancer | Liquid Biopsy Working Group

Guidance from the Working Group:
Using Liquid Biopsy in Advanced NSCLC

The Advantages of Liquid Biopsy for NSCLC Treatment

Liquid Biopsy: Confidence in the Concordance Data

Actionable information based on a demonstrated concordance between cell-free DNA and tissue.

Treat Sooner with Liquid Biopsy

Obtain information in half-the-time, regardless of tissue availability.

Avoid the Challenges with Tissue Biopsies

Mitigating demonstrated limitations of tissue availability to test for all NCCN recommended biomarkers at first line.

The Actionability of Liquid Biopsy Results

Understanding the value of liquid biopsy reports in the presence and absence of driver mutations.

Liquid Biopsy Before First Line

Ensuring every advanced NSCLC patient gets the right targeted therapy first.